Shipment and payment methods


Bank transfer

After placing your order, you will be notified via email the bank on which the bank transfer and confirmation of availability of goods in stock; after bank transfer, when we see the accredited amount  (about 3 days), the goods are sent to the customer. The transfer must be paid no more than 3 days after the order date, in the absence of this condition we do not guarantee the availability of the material.

(credit card)

Anyone who wants to use their credit card to make purchases can use the PayPal service. It 'a system for safe selling on the market today, and the number 1 in the USA with millions of users. It's necessary to register on the site and pay at site The recording is immediate.The payment comes to us in real time, orders normally leave the next day. In the case that something is not available, you will be refounded af all amount.

Cash on delivery

With a little extra (10 euros in Italy and  30 euros in other countries) you can buy and pay for the goods directly to our courier. You will be contacted by telephone to confirm the order and the desired items to purchase.



Deliveries are made in Italy by National Express Courier, the delivery time is 24/48 hours from time of shipment and costs are payed by the customer, this is the amount:

8,25 € + VAT = 10 €
Deliveries are made in other countries, the delivery time is 4/6 days from time of shipment and costs are payed by the customer, following this indications:
- Europe:          25 €
- Africa:             35 €
- Asia:               50 €
- Middle east:  45 €
- America:        40 €

Your orders are managed through a courier service that provides fast and safely delivery. Since most packages are delivered in time if you do not see to get the package ordered within 3-4 days from shipment, please inform us by email, fax or telephone, clearly indicating the number and date of order .

In the case that courier can not find the recipient, will deliver in the next day, and if delivery is not completed you will be contacted by phone or the courier will leave you a warning. In order to prevent misunderstandings and / or delays in delivery, please provide the address clearly, making sure there's your name on your address and we can warn you.

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