Questions and answers


QUESTION: Are the prices on the website are the same applied to the store?
ANSWER: No, the prices of products for sale on the website are slightly lower than in the store.

QUESTION: Can I buy online but pick up the products to the store?
ANSWER: No, online purchases have an attractive price for not burdening the shipping charges on the customer.

QUESTION: All prices are VAT (21%) included?
ANSWER: Yes, the prices shown on our website are inclusive of VAT.


QUESTION: What guarantees does the biomechanics of your test?
ANSWER: Our equipment is cutting edge for everything related to postural balance and positioning on the bike. Our team of experts is able to analyze the static structure (at rest) and dynamic (moving) of your body, thanks to special equipment of last generation. Following the test you will make yourself aware of how you can correct that some bad posture and improve your relationship with your bike and appreciate even more the use of the bike.


QUESTION: How do I calculate the size of the bike?
ANSWER: It 'necessary to communicate your height and size of the horse (calculated in bare feet with legs spread apart by about 5 cm).

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