Biomechanical analysis to calculate the ideal size for the frame of your bike

What is Biomechanics?
The biomechanics is a science that deals with research and analysis of mechanical of bodies. Among the many branches where it has found applications, biomechanics, was especially used in the sports to optimize and maximizing the performance of each movement of the athlete.

How can be used in cycling?
There are two types of pratices to use biomechanics that are:
- Reduction efforts through the minimization of friction
- Improving the quality of the work done by the athlete (movement, posture, strength, technique)

Why having a biomechanical test from Cicli Bortolotto?
Having the correct position when using of bicycles is the key to reduce the overall effort in the free ride and to train properly the largest number of muscle fibers to avoid problems in tendons, muscles and skeleton. Cicli Bortolotto, in order to offer a complete service and quality to their customers, is already able to use sophisticated analysis tools that allow you to determine with great precision the ideal measure of your bicycle. It is great for simple bikers but also for professionals.

What about the biomechanical testing?
The biomechanical testing is performed in more phases that are:

1) analysis aimed at determining anthropometric data base of the test (height, arms, shoulders, trunk, ...)

2) based on the results of the first phase the analysis determine the measures of the bike frame and arrangement (adjustment of the supports, height and setting back off the saddle, saddle-handlebar distance, height handlebar seat, check the correct setting of cleats of the shoes, ...).

3) all measures calculated in previous steps are set on the simulator Velosapiens in which the athlete is positioned for dynamic analysis. The objective is to assess the posture even under significant strain (corners biomechanical work, heart rate, pace and pedaling power, posture for better performance, ...)

Is possible to see an online demo of the test?
A demo, for purely illustrative purposes, can 'be determined in our services section. The result is paziale and not fully trusted; for a complete test is recommended to book a visit at our shop.

What is the test result?
After the biomechanical testing is released to the customer a summary sheet and a detailed analysis carried out giving information on the best measures of the frame and instructions on proper posture to take during the various phases of athletic cycling.

How much does the test cost?
The test 'free for all those who carried out the tests, they decide to build your own bike with us.

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